Your home visit – what to expect

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You have been booked a home visit by your GP practice.

To help protect staff and our patients, there are a few small differences to your usual home visit.

The GP/nurse will phone you when they are on the way to your home.

They will ask you to be in the room closest to the door.

For safety, please ensure you are on your own if possible.

You may have another person with you if needed.

On arrival, the GP/nurse will put on personal protective equipment (PPE).

They will do this outside their vehicle before coming to the door.

They will be wearing an apron, mask, gloves and goggles.

The GP /nurse (in PPE) will meet you at your door.

They will show you their ID badge and ask you to confirm some details.

They will also ask you to wear a face mask for your appointment.

You will be advised of how to safely dispose of this.

Once the GP has left your home, they will remove their PPE outside their car and safely dispose of it as clinical waste.

If you need further care, such as a follow up appointment, or referral, you will be contacted by your GP practice.